Opening Film: “Tickets”

December 10, 7pm

Iran, Italy, England (2005) – directed by Abbas Kiarostami, Ermanno Olmi and Ken Loach

Languages: English, Italian, Albanian, Farsi. English Subtitles.

Three highly acclaimed directors join together to direct three interwoven stories that take place during a journey from Central Europe to Rome. The characters connect through casual encounters and set forth a story of love, chance and sacrifice. “Tickets” is a movie which tells the story of a train ride in four different languages (Italien, English, Persian and Albanian) and from very different perspectives.

About “Tickets”

An older businessman finds solace and a new insight into life when he is forced to wait at the train station due to bad weather. A young man is reminded of life’s obligations but is also introduced to love. And three Scottish youths on their way to the football match of their dreams are forced to open their eyes and see the bigger picture. One single train journey sparks many changes for many people. This is a film about privilege and exclusion, and the reality of the value of just one ticket.

Why we show “Tickets”

For our Opening Night, we wanted to screen a multilingual movie so that we can adress a broad audience. Also, we thought the close cooperation between three directors who are all well-known in their own film culture a great example of working together internationally.


The parallels between a well-scripted fictional train ride and an evening at the movies the way we envision it for Cinema without Borders are obvious: People who don’t know each other (yet), meet, spend time together and get to know each other. They each carry their baggage of different experiences and will go their own ways, yet for a moment they are granted time together and share a common experience to carry on.