Road Trip “TGV-Express” in August

August 18th, 7pm

director: Moussa Toure

French Original Version with German subtitles

Let’s join Rambo, owner of a run-down, colorful painted overland bus, on his trip from Dakar (Senegal) to Conakry (Guinea). Rambo optimistically calls his bus “TGV-Express” – like the French high-speed train – in order to persuade travelers to go along with him. Yet he has trouble finding passengers for his next ride. The people of Bassari is planning a political uproar close to the Guinean border and most people are afraid to travel in such uncertain times. An ex-minister on the run, a European couple and a sorcerer are among the few passengers willing to risk the trip and it takes Rambo many adventures to take them to their desired destination…