“Gucha” screening on March 17

“Gucha” is a romantic comedy from Serbia, where young trumpet player Romeo falls in love with Juliana, daughter of the leader of a rival trumpet clan. Juliana’s father doesn’t want his daughter to be with a Roma and forbids their relationship. Romeo’s only chance to be with Juliana is to win the “golden trumpet” at the big trumpet festival in Gucha. This means he as to play better than Juliana’s father, the current champion. Lots of brass music and funny action guarantee a great time!

The film will be shown in its original serbian spoken version, subtitled in German.


Many thanks to the distributor Studiocanal for offering this movie for our special screening free of charge.

New project: Refugee Favorz

Visit www.refugee-favorz.de, a new Karlsruhe based web service where refugees and citizens of Karlsruhe and surroundings can get in touch to plan common activities, like cooking, playing soccer, going for a bike ride or to the cinema! Have fun, share experiences and learn from each other.

Johannes, who initiated Refugee Favorz, has been to several of our screenings. Lately, we’ve met up to discuss how Refugee Favorz and Cinema without Borders can work together in the future.

February Screening for Women only: “Caramel”

On February 18 Cinema without borders screened the Libanese movie “Caramel” in the original Arabic language version with German subtitles in a women’s only event. Our 120 female guests had a good time with this very charming movie and made the third screening of Cinema without Borders a great success! For the first time, we introduced an intermission so that guests had time to get to know each other and discuss the movie together. Previously, we had the come together after the movie, but many people left to rush for busses or trains.

Opening Film: “Tickets”

Our first movie at Cinema without Borders is “Tickets” and will be shown on December 10 at 7pm at die Kurbel. Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami initiated the film which has been written and directed by three well known filmmakers: Kiarostami himself, Ermanno Olmi from Italy and Ken Loach from England. Here are some stills from the movies, introducing some of the main characters: