No One Knows About Persian Cats

Friday, September 8
7pm Bar
8pm Movie Screening
10 pm Music and Fingerfood


Here is the Iran you don’t see in the news bulletins: it’s the Iran that loves rock, heavy metal and rap.
Iran is a nation where most forms of pop music have been strictly banned by the government, but that doesn’t stop people from playing the music they love in secret. They play anywhere: from cellars to cow sheds and construction sites.
Negar and Ashkan are part of Teheran’s vibrant and varied underground music scene. Just released from prison and fed up with being hindered from expressing themselves, the two young musicians try to get documents to leave the country for Europe. They have been able to arrange a gig in London, and are searching for like-minded musicians to join them when they meet Nader, a fast-talking black-market businessman who offers to help them. While Negar and Ashkan arrange for a last concert for friends and family in Teheran, Nader is trying to get them the much-needed passports and visas in time.