Halloween Double Feature

19:00 A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT (Farsi with German subtitles) – FSK 12


There are some mysterious things happening in the Iranian ghost town Bad City where all the exhausted and wasted people as well as the outlaws and their victims are hanging around. But almost no one is aware of the fact that a vampire is silently entering this town. This applies also to the young Arash who is forced to sell his beloved Ford Thunderbird to settle the debts of his father. Strolling around in total anger due to his personal loss he meets this mysterious, nameless girl. Covered by a black chador she’s running on the streets with her skateboard night after night and everyone, who gets in contact with her, won’t face the new dawn. Nevertheless Arash and the girl become friends followed by a tender love story at a place where love usually doesn’t have enough space to grow.

“A girl walks home alone at night” comes along with very atmospheric black and white pictures and an amazing soundtrack. The director Ana Lily Amirpour succeeded in her debut by shooting an excetional mixture of vampire movie, western, film noir and romance.


21:15 WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS (English with German subtitles) – FSK 12


Most of the flat-shared communities are facing the same problem from time to time. No one cares about the cleaning plan, the rent is due and sometimes the roommates are getting into a fight. The same problems can be found in the shared flat of Viago, Vladislav, Deacon and Petyr but only with one tiny but decisive distinction. The slowly growing senility of the 8000 years old Petyr is gradually noticeable. It’s no surprise that some day he transforms unintentionally the youngest roommate into a vampire. Now it’s the job of the other three guys to introduce the new member into the world of immortality whilst being escorted all the time by a camera crew for a documentary explaining the vampire life.

This mockumentary delivers some hilarious and profound insights into the life of modern vampires struggling with the tricky things of everyday life as wells as their given immortality.


from 22:00 CATS OVER BATS – Halloweenparty in cooperation with COLA TAXI OKAY taking place in the new COLA TAXI OKAY project room located in the back part of the Kaiserpassage next to the Kurbel. Every visitor of one of the above mentioned movies will get a welcome drink for free! No admission fee!