“Zero Deal” on 19th March – our 2017 kick-off!

Finally we are also slowly but steady rousing from hibernation and, behold, a true highlight is just around the corner. On March, 19th, at 5 pm we are going to show the movie “Zero Deal” – the feature film debut of the author, actor and producer Ogugua Igwe. Every visitor can not only convince himself of the cinematic master piece, but also everyone has the opportunity to address his questions and ideas directly to the producer himself. Fortunately we were able to persuade Ogugua Igwe to join us at the screening on March 19th and he will be happy to answer all the questions.

More detailed information about the movie can be found as usual in the sub-menu Screenings. Apart from that everything is the same like last year, the screening will take place at the Kurbel at 5pm. Refugees pay as usual 50 Cents, residents from Karlsruhe 8,50€/6,50€