“Soul Kitchen” – A movie about a chip shop in Hamburg at the end of this year

Well, it’s true. Unfortunately we have to face it again. This year is coming to an end though it feels like yesterday when we just cleaned up after the laste New Year’s Eve party or we finally managed to recover from this night. This year was also a very special one for “Cinema without borders”, that’s why we want to invite every regular guest, supporter, friend, like-minded people, fellow companion and everyone who is interested in movies to our final session on 15th December at 7pm at the Kurbel. We would be very happy seeing a lot of familiar faces of people who supported us during our exciting first year.

It will be shown Fatih Akin’s tribute to the city Hamburg – “Soul Kitchen” in German and with English subtitles. “Soul Kitchen” is telling the story of a greek chip shop in one of the hoods in Hamburg, which has to discover new ways to survive its financial critical situation to prevent being replaced by a modern real estate project. On top of this the owner named Zino has also to deal with his brother being recently released from prison. A story which sounds like one of the typical dramatic ones, however Fatih Akin managed by adding a mixture of local colour and simple humour to create a movie representing the awareness of life from different cultures.


Again the event informations: 15th December at 7pm, Kurbel at the Kaiserpassage


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    1. Hallo Fatima, wir zeigen am 08. September 2017 “No one knows about the Persian Cats” aus dem Iran auf Persisch mit englischen Untertiteln. Die Veranstaltung findet diesmal im KOHI am Werderplatz statt. Mehr Infos dann bald auf unserer Website!

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