Our Kind of Movie: films from Iran

Last Monday, we had a meeting with Iranians living in Karlsruhe to discuss the Iranian film culture and get more insights into which movies would be interesting for the Community to watch at Cinema without Borders. We had a very interesting evening, talking about Laughing and Crying at the Cinema, Film as propaganda and filmmakers in exile or under surveillance.

Favourite films of our guests were “Marmulak” (“the lizard”), a satirical comedy about a thief disguised as a mullah, “In the bazaar of sexes”, a documentary on temporary marriage and “Persepolis” (unfortunately, there is no Persian language version of the film since it was produced in France).

“Our kind of movie” will take place again on Monday, July 11 at 7pm at Kurbel_Zwischenraum next to the cinema “die Kurbel”.