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Happy new year! Cinema without Borders continues

First, we wish all of you a very happy new year 2017! May joy, hope and solidarity make this year a better one than the last.

Second, we have good news already: The Monsignore-Ohlhäuser Foundation grants us with support for one more year of monthly movie nights for refugees and locals! So, after a quiet holiday between the years, we now continue our work at Cinema without Borders and will soon let you know about our next movies coming up.

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To ensure a future for Cinema without Borders…

… we need your help! Support our work with a project-specific donation to Caritas/Diakonie:

Caritasverband Karlsruhe e.V., Stichwort „Kino ohne Grenzen“

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft Karlsruhe

IBAN: DE17 6602 0500 0001 7417 00

Why? Because Cinema without Borders brings (film) cultures and people from around the world together, shows movies in the cinema that usually don’t make it to the big screen in Germany and gives refugees the opportunity to watch movies in their own language while connecting to local people.

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“Soul Kitchen” – A movie about a chip shop in Hamburg at the end of this year

Well, it’s true. Unfortunately we have to face it again. This year is coming to an end though it feels like yesterday when we just cleaned up after the laste New Year’s Eve party or we finally managed to recover from this night. This year was also a very special one for “Cinema without borders”, that’s why we want to invite every regular guest, supporter, friend, like-minded people, fellow companion and everyone who is interested in movies to our final session on 15th December at 7pm at the Kurbel. We would be very happy seeing a lot of familiar faces of people who supported us during our exciting first year.

It will be shown Fatih Akin’s tribute to the city Hamburg – “Soul Kitchen” in German and with English subtitles. “Soul Kitchen” is telling the story of a greek chip shop in one of the hoods in Hamburg, which has to discover new ways to survive its financial critical situation to prevent being replaced by a modern real estate project. On top of this the owner named Zino has also to deal with his brother being recently released from prison. A story which sounds like one of the typical dramatic ones, however Fatih Akin managed by adding a mixture of local colour and simple humour to create a movie representing the awareness of life from different cultures.


Again the event informations: 15th December at 7pm, Kurbel at the Kaiserpassage


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HALLOWEEN Double Feature & Party

The October is slowly coming to an end, thus Halloween is getting nearer and nearer. This year we have put together a very thrilling Double Feature with a subsequent Party in cooperation with COLA TAXI OKAY.

It’s getting started on Monday, the 31th October, at 7pm presenting the vampire movie “A girl walks home alone at night” in Farsi (Persian) with German subtitles. This visual and musical stunning piece of work by Ana Lily Amirpour subsists on the two main characters – the totally chilled female vampire covered by a black chador and one male ordinary mortal, who is still fighting not to be affected by the criminal minds of his hometown Bad City. Absolutely worth seeing!

Following at 9.15pm the New Zealand movie “What we do in the shadows” is shown on the screen. This mockumentary describes in a very funny way the life of a Vampire flat-sharing community. The typical discussions in such a community about cleaning up or washing the dishes can be experienced from a totally different view.

At 10pm COLA TAXI OKAY is opening its doors in the Kulturkaiserpassage 11 room 6 for the final CATS OVER BATS Halloweenparty. The place is located near the movie theater Kurbel, only two minutes walking distance away. All the people, who can present an admission ticket for one of the above mentioned movies, will get one welcome drink for free. There will be some interesting Balkan Beats music and several different choices of beverages.

General information about the entrance fee:

10€/8€ for both movies incl. welcome drink

8,50€/6,50€ for one movie incl. welcome drink

Refugees pay 0,50€ for each movie